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Presoldered Copper Fitting Specification



ASME 16.5 / B16.47



End Connection Type

Socketweld / Solder

Working Pressure & Temperature

30°C - 16 Bar / 65°C - 10 Bar / 110°C - 6 Bar


Hot & Cold Systems

Types Of Presolder Copper Fitting

Presolder Copper 90 Deg Elbow

Presolder Copper 90 Deg. Elbow

Presoldered Copper 45 Deg. Elbow

Presoldered Copper 45 Deg. Elbow

Copper Presoldered Coupler

Copper Presoldered Coupler

Pre-Solder Copper Equal Tee

Pre-Solder Copper Equal Tee

15mm Pre Solder Copper Fitting, Pre Soldered Copper 45 Degree Elbow, Pre Soldered Copper 90 Degree Street Elbow Bend, Pre Soldered Copper Centre Reducing Tee, 22mm Pre-Solder Copper Fitting, Pre Soldered Copper Reducing Tee, Pre Soldered Copper Reducing Tee One End Reduced, Pre Soldered Copper Street Elbow, Presoldered Copper Fittings Exporter In India

We Are Supplier Of Pre Solder Copper Fitting To Various Application Industries Like

Export Destinations Of Pre-Soldered Copper Fitting